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False Eyelashes


False Eyelashes

Red cherry eyelashes are one of the biggest selling false eyelash brands in the world. Its popularity is partly due to celebrity endorsements by the likes of Kim Kardashian. Red cherry eyelashes are also popular with professional make-up artists because they are premium quality products. They are made from 100% human hair which makes red cherry eyelashes very comfortable. Appearing on more and more “Must have” lists; red cherry eyelashes should be part of every woman’s make up routine. Whether you are looking for false eye lashes to add instant wink to your eyes, or going for the glitz and glamour look, red cherry eyelashes have got a lash for that.

Red cherry eyelashes are available in the following categories:

  • Red Cherry Natural Lashes. They create a variety of effects and suited to different eye shapes and come in glamour or natural styles. Available as individual or strip lashes, great for all eye shapes and daily wear.
  • Red Cherry Shimmer Lashes. Recreate the sexy 80’s look by applying shimmer and feather lashes to produce the long eyelash effect. Pronounce the eyes and create instant attention grabbing look so many women crave. Great for deep-set eyes and worn to parties or a performance.
  • Red Cherry Spider Lashes. Are you after high-drama and a forceful impact? Then try these gothic style false lashes with a spider web like appearance, great for round and almond shaped eyes.
  • Red Cherry Glitter & Rhinestone. Create a fabulously dramatic effect with the glitter and rhinestone red cherry eyelashes. For that special glitzy occasion and not you every day evening dressing up routine.

The great thing about red cherry eyelashes is the fact that it is an affordable brand with a very impressive product line. There really is something for every woman and every occasion too, from the daily wear false eyelashes, to the themed and party suited lashes.

  • To explore the wide selection of Red Cherry eyelashes and find one that’s just for you visit www.hair2buy.co.uk today.