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Seem like every time you turn around the wig manufactures   have bought a new range of  products out, 

the Sensationnel empress stocking cap wigs are somewhat different ,these new wigs are stitched on to a very soft 

cap that is very similar to that of a stocking cap, there are two small combs in the front of the wig and of coarse 

you have strap at the back for extra piece of mind .

The wigs are made from synthetic fibers that heat safe upto 350f.

As you can see you have the lace at the front , and also down the middle of the unit which gives you  Freedom to move parting for desired location and style.

A good tip is to I tweez  the parting to give it a more nature look .

All in all we think  that Sensationnel have come up  a good collection of wigs at very affordable prices.

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